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Enjoyable Hill Country Things To Do

Built in just nine months by the late Al Shepperd and his neighbor Doug Hill, Stonehenge II is an art project built on Shepperd’s own land; it is an almost full-size replica of the famous structure in England. At 90% the height and 60% the width of the original, Stonehenge II is a great way to see Stonehenge in Texas. Come experience Stonehenge II for yourself as thousands of people have done before and explore the mystery of the scaled replica of the original in England, constructed over 3,500 years ago. Additionally, visitors can see replicas of the giant statues found on the Easter Islands.

Originally built in Hunt, Texas, these structures were moved piece by piece to a permanent location after Sheppard decided to sell his land and now reside on the grounds of the Hill Country Arts Foundation. Stonehenge II and other art in the area built by Sheppard are free to the public during daylight hours.

Address: 120 Point Theatre Road, Ingram, TX 78025

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